the trashhound story:

Trashhound was hatched in an upper-east side lobby presided over by doorman Tommy Bianci, a high-brow trash-hunter extraordinaire, beatles fanataic, and dog lover to boot. The sidewalk in front of Tommy's lobby was the spot for dog-walkers to stop and chat, trading stories about the pets and their rich uptight owners, the whole gamut of trade convo from neighborhood gossip to animal welfare issues. Their charges would take the chance to socialize as well, likely sharing the events of their own days in wags and sniffs the way dogs do.


Word is always going around on desirable trash-bound items - already rescued or just sitting there, waiting for anyone to come by and snatch them up. The politics of who was gonna get the prize. 'Did you see the coffee table that just went out on 89th?' 'Yeah, and there's an OLD armoire too, powder blue, beautiful. Right there on the corner of 80th and Park.' Tommy leans over conspiratorily. 'You'll never believe this one. There's a vintage St. Laurent dress on a hanger in the basement as I speak, someone must'a left it there this morning.' 'OOOH I want it' exclaims Tiny, one of the regulars, who's actually quite tall. 'Well too bad, 'cuz I claimed it for my wife already' - Tommy replies smugly. Tommy was the king of trash-hounding: an ardent collector of eclectic memorabilia (he had a particular knack for rock and roll) who tended to find his best treasures in the garbage, partly through the network of stoop hounds and hound walkers and partly through his own ingenuity. 


In amongst the garbage perused by this spontaneous community sometimes there was living cargo - unwanted pets whose next stop was the shelter, and not always the no-kill shelter. This was where the network assumed a vital and life giving role, above and beyond just the scavenger support group we've made it out to be. It was a congregation of animal lovers, and animal lovers attract and help one another. Many animals found homes via the chit-chat on Tommy's sidewalk, because no one, no less Tommy, would get any rest until the animal in danger was safe from the horrors of the NYC pound.  


Down the road, the catalog of trash-hounded items expanded to the degree that we joked about starting a website to break this elite circle's choke hold on the upper east side fine trash selection. And now, years later, we're sharing the secret in a way Tommy and his sidewalk crew would appreciate - reclaiming trash-bound treasure to help rescue pound-bound animals.15% of all proceeds go to support rescue pets we are caring for and working towards placing in a forever home. By purchasing from our selection or making a tax-free donation, you will be aiding our mission to help unlucky and neglected animals get the love they deserve. From Pound Pets to Pedigree Pets!